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Brianna | Raleigh High School Senior Photographer

I’ve done lots of shoots with Brianna over the years (this one being the most recent). Some have been family-style sessions and some have been more conceptual. Either way, Brianna has always been up for anything and has plenty of ideas of her own–and she’s ridiculously photogenic.  I felt so nostalgic doing her senior session only a block away from the place where I did her first session over 8 years ago. It was the first day I had met her. Since that day, I’ve had so many wonderful memories with her and of course with her mom, Tina, who is also in some of the pictures below. I have so much love for them both and am lucky to know them.

Brianna, I’ll try to spare you all of the things adults always like to say about how you’ve grown up so fast and how I just can’t believe it and how wonderful you’ve turned out. But it’s true just the same. You’re awesome. You’re a great friend to people and you have great friends in return (as seen below!). You’re kind and fun and beautiful (and an excellent dancer).

Slay, girl, slay.

Jen + Her Boys| Raleigh Family Photographer

Here’s another post that should have happened long before now! Watching Jen (who is awesome) with her sons is so sweet. I can hardly believe how much the boys have grown since I last saw them. Tate is so playful and Blake is such a good older brother. There’s a lot of love in this family and I’m glad to know them 🙂

Taylor Family | Raleigh Family Photographer

“This is Otis. I love Otis.”

Well, actually it’s Nicole (who I’ve known for several years), Jeremy, and Otis, but I had to take advantage of an opportunity to quote Pretty in Pink 😉 But, for real, Otis is so adorable. Those eyes. Those curls. I mean, come on 🙂 I’m overdue in posting this session, but am so glad to do so today and show off some really great (and fun!) people.

Holiday Mini Sessions 2016 | Raleigh Family Photographer

It’s time to book your holiday mini session! Contact me right away to secure your place!

But first…
Is a mini session right for you? Mini sessions are best for those who are simply wanting some updated photos–perfect for holiday cards and gifts. Because of the shorter session, wardrobe changes are not possible during a mini session. Those wanting a full session (approximately 1 1/2 hours) at a location of your choosing should contact me to book a full session.


Date: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 (rain date November 5th, 2016)
Times: 1pm-5pm (sessions are scheduled on the hour and half hour)
Location: Outdoor/”Field-ish” location in Raleigh (more specific information will be given to those who book sessions)
Length of Mini Session: Approximately 20 minutes

Option 1
Price: $500 + NC sales tax, due at the time of booking
-Your viewing gallery will include 10 fully edited, handcrafted images
-10 high-resolution digital images will be delivered to you on disk, along with a print release
-Additional items may be ordered a la carte.
-Best for: Those who would like digital copies and who may want to print on their own, create their own cards, or share digital files with family/friends. This is a discounted rate for those wanting digital images!

Option 2
Price: $320 + NC sales tax, due at the time of booking
-Your viewing gallery will include 10 fully edited, handcrafted images from which to choose (please note that digital files are not included in the session pricing)
-50 flat press-printed 5×7 holiday cards (with your choice of photo(s) and wording) and envelopes (you can upgrade to folded cards, square cards, or ROUND ornament cards for an additional fee)
-$100 print credit for use on other products, including prints, gallery-wrapped canvas, additional cards (in increments of 25 only) and more
-Additional items may be ordered a la carte.
-Best for: Those wanting holiday cards created for them and a credit toward prints and other products.

Option 3
Price: $120 + NC sales tax, due at the time of booking
-Your viewing gallery will include 10 fully edited, handcrafted images
-1 high-resolution digital image of your choosing will be sent to you electronically.
-Additional items may be ordered a la carte.
-Best for: Those who would like a single digital image (often for creating your own card or making multiple prints as gifts) and the flexibility to order additional products if desired.

Vacation Evenings | Raleigh Travel Photographer

Jacob and I traveled to Switzerland (with a two night stay in the Lake Como area of Italy) for our 15 year anniversary this year. We visited several cities, using hostels, Airbnb, and a few hotels and saw beautiful sights, ate amazing food, and walked so much my Fitbit nearly exploded. We had enough frequent flyer miles for us both to have our flights covered, which was awesome. Seriously, if you aren’t getting frequent flyer miles with your credit card purchases…why not??

We packed light for this trip. Each of us had one carry on bag and an average size backpack for a two week trip. That was it. Considering the amount of walking we did and the fact that we didn’t rent a car and only used public transit, I was glad we packed light; however, it did mean I didn’t have space for a tripod or for my regular camera bag. And that means…I got lazy about bringing my camera with me when we were out and about because I would have to bring the whole heavy backpack every time.  I clearly need to rethink this next time we take a trip, although this was supposed to be a vacation for the two of us and not a photo expedition for myself. To make a long story only slightly shorter, I mostly took pictures on my phone on this adventure. Below are some exceptions. And, yes, I did take my camera with me a couple of times during the day, too 🙂

This is the night view of the city and the lake from our Airbnb in Locarno, Switzerland. The views during the day weren’t bad, either 😉 We took a day trip to Valle Verzasca during our stay in Locarno and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone traveling in the area. We went canyoning (for the first time) there, too. Incidentally, Jacob was born for that kind of thing. I…was not. But it was so much fun!

We stayed in Sala Comacina in the Lake Como area of Italy. These were taken from the balcony of our Airbnb, which was another great find and had a gorgeous view of the lake.

The next few photos were taken in the village of Gruyeres, Switzerland on a clear night. Our hotel had a window, but you had to crawl onto a table to look outside. It’s rare to find A/C in European hotels, so they all have working windows (although they don’t have screens, so watch out for mosquitos). Anyway, I had to crawl onto the table (quietly since Jacob was sleeping) and hang out the window to take these…with no tripod, just bracing the camera as best I could against a rail and holding my breath to minimize camera shake during the long exposures. I’m not saying it’s the best way to live your life, but it’s what I had to do in these circumstances. By the way, if you want to try the best quiche you’ll ever have in your life, go to Le Chalet de Gruyeres, which is where we had lunch the next day. I’ve thought about it most days since.

This one was taken from our balcony on a cloudy night in Grindelwald, Switzerland. You can just see the stars scattered behind the mountains and the clouds. We were supposed to do an all day hike in Grindelwald the next day, but got completely rained out on our only opportunity. We ended up relaxing in our Airbnb, watching the torrential rain from the balcony, painting, drinking wine, catching up on some shows online. I’m sure the hike would have been fantastic, but having a relaxing day was pretty nice, too.

If you’re traveling to Switzerland and would like any details from our trip, feel free to get in touch!