Session Details

Before Your Session
Prior to your session, I will talk to you about your vision and your preferences by email and/or phone. We will also discuss possible locations, based on available dates.

During your Session
Sessions for children, seniors, couples, and families typically last 1 – 1 1/2 hours and are shot on location. Locations may be selected based on your preference and there is great variety in the Triangle area (urban/industrial, rustic, lush and green, etc.). I work in natural light, so sessions are usually scheduled for early mornings or late afternoons/early evenings.

For sessions in your home, adequate light must be available to produce quality results. That means that most photos will be taken near a window or natural light source. We may need to move furniture or décor to provide a more simple background for your pictures. Some home sessions may involve a combination of indoor and outdoor shots.

Interactions and Posing
I try to keep sessions as relaxed as possible. I will do some guiding of adults and older children, but I do not typically pose very young children. Instead, I prefer to simply set the scene and interact with kids as naturally as possible. This generally results in more authentic, natural pictures of your child. For newborns and young babies, I will certainly do some posing. I will also do some posing of couples and high school seniors in order to get more innovative and creative images.

What to Wear
Much of what you wear should depend on your personal taste and identity. The bottom line is that you want to look like yourself, but the best version of yourself. Newborns are typically photographed in the buff or wearing a simple diaper (diaper covers encouraged). Kids and families look great in jewel tones or rich colors and can do solids or patterns, as long as the patterns work together. Feel free to bring clothing or items that really represent your child’s personality so that we can incorporate them into the session. I generally recommend against logo wear and white athletic shoes for photos. I am happy to discuss wardrobe options with you during the planning process!

Maternity sessions are best held around the 7th month, when you are showing but are still comfortable enough for a photo session.

Newborns are best photographed within the first 2 weeks of life and 4-10 days old is preferable. This age is perfect because they are more likely to have clear skin (baby acne usually sets in between 2-3 weeks of age) and are less likely to be disturbed while sleeping. They are also more pliable for special newborn portraits. I will go to your home and use natural light to photograph this special time for you and your family. I will, of course, work around baby’s feeding and sleeping needs. Newborn sessions generally take 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

**Please contact me in advance for a newborn session so that I can reserve space for you on my calendar based on your due date. It is also best to discuss your vision and preferences for your newborn session in advance so that you don’t need to worry about those details once your newborn arrives.

After Your Session
After the session, several hours will be spent processing and editing your images (approximately 30 images). This typically takes about 2-3 weeks. I will send you a link to your private, password-protected gallery, which you are free to share with family and friends. Your images are available for viewing and ordering for 14 days. I’m happy to help you with the ordering process if you would like advice on sizes and products. After your gallery expires, it may be reloaded for $25 for each additional week of viewing. I will contact you when your order is ready for pick up (typically one to two weeks after order payment is received)!