Coffee Filter Light | Raleigh Photographer

I really wish I could take credit for thinking of this (coffee filters? genius!), but I can’t. I was trolling through Pinterest one day when I came across a photo of this light by Nichole at Parlour. I fell in love and decided to make one, although mine is saucer-shaped instead of round.

This was an inexpensive project. I think I paid around $9 for the 24″ paper lantern (which is now about 30″ in diameter with the coffee filters attached) and $4-5 for all of the coffee filters. I used 1000 (yes, 1000!) coffee filters on this light. The light kit was from Lowe’s and was around $12 or so. Other than that, it just takes some hot glue–5 1/2 big sticks, to be exact.

I can’t say it took a lot of skill to make this, but it does take a TON of patience and time. How much time? I measured it in TV hours:

Jurassic Park
Jane Eyre (this version–thanks, Danielle!)
1/2 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
A couple of episodes of The Golden Girls

And voila!

Thank you to Jacob for putting it upĀ  : )