Brianna: Umbrella Shoot | Raleigh Middle and High School Photographer

I have wanted to do this shoot ever since I went to a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s O (with my mom!!) in 2009 while at WPPI and saw one of the performers inside an umbrella (granted, the umbrella must have been on a track).  O remains the most amazing show I’ve seen. It’s astounding what these artists (and set designers, etc.) can do and I would encourage anyone to see it if you can. I haven’t seen a photo session like this and thought it would be fun to try. I attempted to do an umbrella shoot with my niece that year at Christmas, but the waves that day (in Florida) made it too difficult. When I talked to Brianna about it, she was completely game. I think she rocked it! She suffered through some cold water and bugs, too, so I have to hand it to her! I’ll have another non-umbrella session of Brianna posted soon…

PS Anyone familiar with Winnie the Pooh might recall that an umbrella was used as a boat when the Hundred Acre Woods was flooded : )

There once was a young girl who wanted to sail away.
She had no boat. Her paddle had holes in it.
And yet…she found a way.