Brianna | Raleigh High School Senior Photographer

I’ve done lots of shoots with Brianna over the years (this one being the most recent). Some have been family-style sessions and some have been more conceptual. Either way, Brianna has always been up for anything and has plenty of ideas of her own–and she’s ridiculously photogenic.  I felt so nostalgic doing her senior session only a block away from the place where I did her first session over 8 years ago. It was the first day I had met her. Since that day, I’ve had so many wonderful memories with her and of course with her mom, Tina, who is also in some of the pictures below. I have so much love for them both and am lucky to know them.

Brianna, I’ll try to spare you all of the things adults always like to say about how you’ve grown up so fast and how I just can’t believe it and how wonderful you’ve turned out. But it’s true just the same. You’re awesome. You’re a great friend to people and you have great friends in return (as seen below!). You’re kind and fun and beautiful (and an excellent dancer).

Slay, girl, slay.