Talah and the Badlands | Raleigh Child Photographer


I lovingly call this post, “Talah Arrives at the Badlands of South Dakota and Only Cares About This Nectarine.” ūüôā

We had been driving for several hours from Colorado and arrived at the Badlands just as the sun was starting to set. I couldn’t believe the some-other-planet beauty of that place…and Talah couldn’t believe how good her nectarine tasted. Although this¬†was pretty hilarious to me, part of me wanted to physically turn her head¬†and say, “Look! Look at that! Isn’t that amazing?” I think she’ll likely¬†appreciate these kinds of things more as she gets older and begins to understand all that goes into a trip across the country.¬†Still,¬†she teaches me a good lesson, too. The truth is…even as much as I love to travel, we don’t have to go anywhere to experience her kind of bliss. We can find it anywhere if we¬†learn to marvel at¬†the things that are right in front of us. ¬†