Nat + Matt | Raleigh Newborn Photographer

I have known Leighan for years through my youngest sister, Joanna. She has been on family trips with us growing up and she even addressed my wedding invitations (her handwriting is quite lovely). We used to sing Disney songs together, so it is sometimes hard for me to grasp the fact that she is now a grown up and a doctor and that she has twins. We live states away and hadn’t seen each other in years, so I was excited when she told me she and her husband, Jat, would be driving up with the twins to visit family and do a session.  Nat and Matt were born in December and spent four weeks in the NICU. Even though they were older than babies typically are for my sessions, even for twins (about 12 weeks at the time of this session), they did great and were so heart-meltingly cute. (By the way, please look at the pink nail polish Leighan put on Nat. <3)

The twins were joined by their cute, younger (but bigger) cousin, Pierce, at the end of the session. By that point, they all took turns crying. It was great 🙂  I know twins are a lot of work, but how could anyone resist these babies?

Natalie Amanda
3 lb, 14 oz
17 inches

Matthew Anderson
8:08pm (plus a few seconds)
4 lbs
17 1/4 inches